Faith-Based Affordable Housing Act FAQs 

(S7791 / A8386)

Will these housing projects generate local property tax revenue?

Where will this bill apply?

Will you be able to build a skyscraper in a suburban village?

Does the Act allow a faith-based organization to tear down a landmarked house of worship?

Why allow mixed-income housing?

Will this apply to 100% Affordable Housing projects or just mixed-income housing?

How does this bill address homelessness?

How can we ensure that faith-based organizations will not be taken advantage of?

Many religious institutions are in significant financial distress. How much capital would be required upfront to support the development of housing?

What is stopping a faith-based organization from buying new land immediately after this bill passes for the purposes of building housing?

How does the Faith-Based Affordable Housing Act interact with New York City’s City of Yes for Housing Opportunity proposal?

How can we ensure that faith-based organizations will not discriminate against tenants on the basis of religion? 

Will this bill change accessibility requirements or make buildings less accessible?

Does this bill weaken environmental protections? How will we account for religious land that includes woodlands? Will there be protections for trees?

How does the bill account for strain to sewers and the need for infrastructure upgrades in many localities across the state?